Rathjen Trucking, 620 W. 2nd Street, Ida Grove, IA

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Address: 620 W. 2nd Street, Ida Grove
State: Iowa

Property Description

General Description:  Rathjen Trucking is for sale as a going business.  Lou and Gail Rathjen built a respected business which began in 1980.  They established an outstanding reputation which remains to play a role with the business continuing to thrive today with a solid customer base.  The business sale will include all listed assets, the shop building, land for truck parking and future expansion, five trucks, six grain trailers, electronic monitored 1900 gallon fuel barrel, shop equipment and supplies being used every day – plus the current book of business.  This is a viable growth business with positive cash flow and a ready workforce to carry forward the impeccable Rathjen name.   Please move quickly as this opportunity will be gone fast.

Real Estate Location:  Property is located downtown Ida Grove, Iowa.  Watch for the yellow BigIron Realty sign’s that are located on the property.

Legal Description of Real Estate:

LOTS 21 & 22 & A PLOT 35’X48′ N OF SAME & S “OF RR, ALL LOTS 23 & ” 24 & LOT 25 EX W 12′

AND Lot 24, 25, 26 & 27, Block 3, Original Town

AND the W 22 ½ of Lot 17 & All of 18, 19, Block 3, Original Town of Ida Grove, Iowa.

Address of Property:  620 W. 2nd Street, Ida Grove, Iowa 51445

Personal Property:

2016 TAXES:  $728.00


Make                                         Model                                           Year                                       VIN

Mack                                   CH613 6 cyl                                        2001                    1m1aa13y31w136629

volvo                                         vn 6 cyl                                         2000                     4v4md2rf8yn791521

mack                           600 CH600 6 cyl                                      2000                   1m1ah12y4yw123270

mack                           600 CH600 6 cyl                                      1999                      1maa13y9xw107029

mack                           600 CH600 6 cyl                                      1999                   1m1aa13y5xw105004




Make                                         Model                                           Year                                       VIN

Wilson                                  dwh 500                                           2010                  4wwmaf1a0a5700581

wilson                                  dwh 500                                           2009                   1w1maf1a99a251802

wilson                                  dwh 500                                           2006                   1w1mcf1a76a244594

wilson                                  dwh 500                                            2011                     1w1ucf1a65a241233

wilson                                  dwh 500                                           2003                    1w1maf1a74a238734

Wilson                   model not listed                                            2011                     1w1sbf1axwa227380

Closing Agent: Boerner & Goldsmith Law Firm, P.C., 500 second Street, Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 712 364 2421

Terms:  The buyer will be required to enter into a written purchase agreement and if the offer is accepted, the 15% earnest deposit will be non-refundable.   Buyer will receive full possession on the date of closing.  The closing will be handled by Peter A. Goldsmith.  Seller will provide marketable title to the buyer evidence by a current abstract.   The current year real estate taxes will be prorated to date of closing.   The written purchase agreement to be signed by the seller and buyer will be the sole and controlling document of this sale and supersedes any and all other terms whether verbal, written, expressed or implied and shall be the sole and controlling document for this real estate transaction.  BigIron Realty is working for the seller.

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