3,861.64+/- Acres Franklin County

Address: Franklin, Franklin County, NE
State: Nebraska

Property Description

Land Location:   This land is generally located 4 miles South of Riverton, or Southeast of Franklin, Nebraska .  This  a working farm and ranch with a nice mix of irrigated cropland and pasture. It would take several generation to put together this much land contiguously.



Tract 1: 1,976 +/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $4,708,000

Legal:  W ½ NW ¼ & S ½ 22, SE ¼ 23, All 26, N ½ & SE ¼, W ½ 25   27-1-13 Franklin County, NE

General Description:  The Hawkins Ranch is  split into several tracts and operated as one working ranch.

It includes the improved site, grazing and marginal surface water irrigation. The Hawkins Ranch  has all the amenities that a  ranch headquarters should have!

Improvements are located near the middle of the tract.  There was a new 80 ft. x 150 ft. steel building erected  in 2016.  There is an office, utility room, large open machinery storage and a 40 ft. concrete mineral storage.  The shop building has floor heat.

There is a ranch style house that has rural water running to the house and building.  The home has 3 bedrooms and 1 and 1/2 bathrooms.  The  shingles  are less then 10 years old.  The heating and air were recently updated.  The ranch has ample water supplied by 3 submersible wells. There are many windbreaks throughout.

Beautiful Rock Creek runs through the property.  There are water damns throughout and much of the grass is cross fence.

Cultivated fields are listed by the FSA as 100.93 ac, 41.04 ac and 30.99 ac.  The larger field has a combined surface water appropriation of 102.6 ac, listed as #A-16326, #A-16377, #A-16327 & #A-15571, with priority dates of 199 to 1985.

Water is pumped  from the ponds along the west side of the site, when adequate water is available.  Other dryland fields are bottomland used for forage. Some prior cultivated fields on the east are converted to pasture, operated with adjacent land.  Another 362.69 ac pasture west of the county road is included in this tract, since it has combined livestock water.  Rural water and a total of 3 submersible wells provide water to a series of tanks throughout the property.  Water on the east side is from a well across the road.  Fences are generally above average multi-strand barbed and hog wire so that younger calves are adequately contained.  The grassland is  well managed with a combination of warm and cool season grasses.

2016 Taxes:  $33,938.10


Tract 2: 160 +/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $503,800

Legal:  NE ¼ 33-1-13 Franklin County, NE

General Description:  This is a quarter that has a combination of surface irrigated cropland  and hay land located southwest of the main site.  FSA indicated 62.22 ac cultivated and 94.51 ac hay land or grass land.  Irrigation water is from surface appropriation #A-16328, #A-16379 & #A-16329, with priority dates of 1984 & 1985.  Water is pumped from a dam on the east that also provides livestock water, to a1977 valley pivot.    Generally, water is pumped when available.  The cropland lays relatively level on the west with rolling  land on the east.

2016 Taxes:  $3,307.28


Tract 3: 800 +/- Acres                                        Priced At;  $1,338,700

Legal:  The East Half of sec 26 and the W ½ of sec 25 and the NE ¼ of sec 25 T 1 N R 14 W Franklin County, NE

General Description:  This farm has Approximately 93 acres of cropland and the balance of 700+/- acres of good cross fenced grassland.  There is rural water in fence line in the center of the section.  The pasture has been grazing 70 pair for the normal length season.   The grassland has access by a minimum maintenance road and is located approximately 5 miles west of the main ranch.  There is one large dam near the west center.  Trees offer shade for both livestock and wildlife.

2016 Taxes:  $13,396.28


Tract 4: 960 +/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $1,592,395

Legal:  W ½  30, W ½ 31 and the S ½  sec 19 all in 1-14 Franklin County, NE

General Description:   This  farm is all grassland,  with damns and rural water throughout.  There are 3 water tanks and a spring fed pond that has never gone  dry since the Hawkins family have owned it.

Carrying capacity has been 120 cow calf pair for the 5 month season.  There are good fences and good access.  The Northeastern most quarter borders Hwy 10 south of Franklin.  Make plans to add this large sized grassland property to you operation.

2016 Taxes:  $15,036.90








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    Farm And Ranch

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