3,106.89+/- Acres Webster County, NE

Address: Red Cloud, NE
State: Nebraska

Property Description

Land Location:   This land is generally located 7 miles Northeast of Red Cloud, Nebraska.  There are 3 major grain markets within 7 miles of most of the land.    This a working farm and ranch with a nice mix of irrigated cropland and pasture. It would take several generations to put together this much contiguous land.  There is a long runway, modern airport at Red Cloud.


Here is your opportunity to purchase a large tract of ground in Nebraska that is a working farm that may support more than 1 family.

Tract 1:  480.01+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $2,702,700

Legal:  E ½ AND NW ¼ 14-2-10 Webster County

General Description:  Three pivot irrigated quarters located west of the feedyard.  The cropland pivots water 126.57 acres and 113.52 acres.  Grassland quarter has 115.0 acres of pivot irrigated grassland.   The three pivots are nozzelled to 700 + gallons per minute.   Water is distributed by a 1981 valley center pivot (NW ¼); 1977 Valley (SE ¼) and an older 1968 Valley pivot (NE ¼). There are  3 John Deere Power units that sell with the farm.

2016 Taxes:  $27,463.84

Tract 2:  319.37+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $2,131,800

Legal:  SW ¼ 14 AND NW ¼ 23 2-10 Webster County

General Description:  These are two pivot irrigated quarters.  Both are in cropland.  Both have valley center pivots.  Corners are in grass and are either hayed or fall grazed.  The SW ¼ has a 1990 Valley center pivot and the NW ¼ has a 1980 Valley center pivot.  Both wells have 6068 John Deere power units.

2016 Taxes:  $19,343.18

Tract 3:  155.26+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $308,000 

Legal:  S ½ S ½  9-2-10 Webster County

General Description:  This is a long 160 acres of grassland that is bordered on the south by a good graveled road.  It has a four wire barbed wire fence.  There is a creek that runs through the property.  Water is provided by a dugout and also a windmill located near the center.  It is crossfenced into 4 different pastures of approx. 35 acres each.  It has 156 +/- total grassland and has a 40 head carrying capacity.

2016 Taxes:  $2,713.60

Tract 4:  322.25+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $2,039,400

Legal:  N ½  15-2-10 Webster County

General Description:  This is a pivot irrigated ½ section  located Northwest of the feedlot.  The east quarter has 129.57acres and the west quarter has 120 acres of pivot irrigated cropland.   There is a history of one of the corners being gravity irrigated.  There are two older   Valley center pivots and John Deere diesel power units that sell with the farms.     The corners are in grass and are either hayed or fall grazed.

2016 Taxes:  $19,182.24

Tract 5:  398.17+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $2,424,400

Legal:  E ½ AND E ½ of the SW ¼  27-2-10  Webster County

General Description:   There are approximately 254 acres of pivot irrigated farmland plus 80 acres of grassland.   The 80 acres of grass that is in the Southwest quarter of the section has a 4 wire fence and is cross fenced.  The corners of the center pivot circles are in grass and are either hayed or left for the cows to graze in the fall when they are grazing the corn stalks.  The grassland 80 has a road running on the west side which makes for great access.  There is a nice home, machine shed and grain bins that sit in between two pivot quarters.    The home and building site features a 4 bedroom 2 and ½ bathroom ranch style home with an attached garage.  It has a full finished basement.  There is a 50 ft. x 75 ft. machine shed with a 2/3 rd cemented floor with (2) overhead doors.  The machine shed was built in the early 90’s.  There are (2) 48 ft. 30,000 bushel grain bins with floor, fans, and sweep auger.  There are two center pivots that miss the building site.

2016 Taxes:  $22,494.82

Tract 6:  79.49+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $130,900

Legal:  S ½ of NE ¼ 23-2-10   Webster County

General Description:   There are 80 acres of grassland that has been idle the past few years.  It is a wildlife area that typically would be used for grazing.  It has over-grown habitat suitable for a wide variety of hunting activities.  Adjacent land is cultivated.   There have been food plots planted for wildlife.

2016 Taxes:  $1,415.16

Tract 7:  640.31+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $3,986,400

Legal:  S ½ 13 AND the N ½ 24-2-10 Webster County

General Description:   Lays in Section 24 and section 13.  There is a private graveled road that runs between the two properties. Irrigation equipment includes an early 90’s valley center pivot that is a 10 tower long span that covers 190 acres is nozzelled at 900 gpm.  There is a well and a John Deere power unit across the road and located on section 13.   The west part of section 24 is grassland with a creek running through it.  The creek goes dry in the summertime; however there is a wind mill that provides water for livestock.  It borders county road 1800 on the west.  There are 38 acres of gravity irrigation.  A 9 tower valley center pivot nozzeled at 750 gpm that waters 100 acres.  It has a JD power unit and a very good well.

The irrigated ground north of the feedlot with a home and a newer 2013 valley center pivot with 6 towers that covers 65 acres.  There is underground pipe that goes from the well to the new pivot point.  It has a John Deere 6068 diesel power unit.  Pivot is powered by rural power.

Pivot summary: Water is distributed by a 2013 valley pivot (north of building site), 1994 over sized pivot (south of private road) and an older 1977 pivot on the west side.

Home and Improvements:

The ranch style home was built in 1975 and sits adjacent to the east road.  It has a newer HVAC.

There is a feedlot on Section 13.  It features:

60’ x 100’ farm equipment building with a dirt floor and (2) overhead doors.

Submersible well, feed bin, roller mill inside feed shed

1977 open front pole shed.  Grain storage includes (6) 5,000 bushel bins erected in the 70’s, (2) 35,000 bushel bins erected in 1979, a 10,000 bushel wet bin, 2013 dump pit with an 8 inch auger and a 30 ft scale (not recently used).

This is a back grounding feedlot with flat bottom fence line concrete bunks, concrete approaches, automatic waterers, welded pipe gates, pens and working facilities, generally all built in the 1970’s.  NOTE:  Selling agent is not aware of any DEQ permits for feeding cattle on this property.

2016 Taxes:  $39,272.36

Tract 8:  159.03+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $1,059,300

Legal:  SW ¼ 26-2-10 Webster County

General Description:   This is a pivot irrigated quarter in the Southeast quarter of section 26. It lays southwest of the headquarter site.  There are 127 + acres under the pivot with the balance grass corners.  Water is provided by a good well.  Water is distributed by a 1987 valley pivot which makes a full circle. A  John Deere 6068 power unit and comes with a 1,000 gallon tank. A natural drainage runs through the middle.   The land lays just Northeast of the corner of Rd H and 1700.

2016 Taxes:  $9,562.50

Tract 9:  150.45+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $528,000

Legal:  Pt. NE ¼ 22-2-10 Webster County

General Description:   This quarter has a communications tower on it that does not sell with the property.  It has one irrigation well that was pulled and re-worked 7 years ago. The well is powered by a John Deere 6068 diesel motor.  The good well waters two fields that measure 28.41 and 31.51 acres with 10 and 8 inch and gated pipe that sell with the farm.   There is 95 acres of grass with the balance gravity irrigated cropland.    Gated pipe is laid along the west side of the north field and the north side of the south field.  Excess water drains into the pond on the south that provides livestock water.   There is a windmill but it has not been operating in years.

2016 Taxes:  $5,944.78

Tract 10:  402.55+/- Acres                                        Priced At:  $1,907,400

Legal:  E ½ 30 AND S ½ NW ¼ 29-2-9 Webster County

General Description:   This farm is a ½ section that is half irrigated cropland and half pivot irrigated grassland  with an additional 80 acres of grass across the road. .  This farm has a minimum maintenance road on the east side and a good graveled road on the south side of the half section.

The SE ¼ of section 30 is pivot irrigated cropland.  There is 121 + acres under the pivot.   The pivot corners are grass. It is currently planted half soybeans and half corn. There is a 1977 Valley center pivot that makes a full circle.     There is also a pivot irrigated grass quarter on the NE ¼ of section 30.  It has a lower producing irrigation well (350 gpm +/-) that provides water to an older valley center pivot.  Cross fencing has been installed into a total of 4 paddocks, perfect for rotational grazing.  The 80 acres across the road is all pasture and is used for grazing.  Livestock water is provided from a submersible well located along east side of and midpoint on section 30.  There is a pipeline that is run underground to this east 80 of grassland.

2016 Taxes:  $20,315.76









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    Farm And Ranch

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